Faith and motorcycles…

They say you never forget how to ride a bike… While I’m pretty sure ‘they’ were talking about a push bike, as a motorbike rider who currently doesn’t own a motorbike (a fact which sharply divides those who think that is a very good thing from those who look at me with a mixture of pity, disappointment and confusion!), I’m inclined to agree!

While I certainly haven’t forgotten how to ride, I found myself this week remembering again the process of learning to ride a bike in the first place.  “Look where you want to go,” the instructor would tell us repeatedly, until we learned to disregard our physical urge to steer by using the handle bars, and instead simply to turn our head, shift our weight, and discover, as if by magic, that the bike would indeed steer to the right if we looked right, and to the left if we looked left.  Strange!  I still barely understand it now, even though I did get the hang of it after a while.

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Arrow in the wood

Walking Steadily…

Is it really only October? I could happily take a summer holiday tomorrow. If the weather warmed up, that is!

In student world, where I spend a fair chunk of my time, it’s nearly the end of the semester – well, apart from the pile of assignments, deadlines and exams that is.

In the real world (!), we’re longing for summer – it’s still cold, snow is still falling on the mountains, and the wind seems unrelenting.

And how are things in my ‘walk-with-God’ world? Weary? Dreary? Stormy? Cold? Despite knowing in our heads that those worlds are actually all one and the same, in practice when life is tiring and we’re using up a fair amount of energy just keeping going, it becomes very easy to drift off course, to drift off our moorings, to drift in our walk-with-God.

Well, it is easy for me to drift at any rate!

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Maybe God Knows What He’s Doing…

If I had been a Jewish believer 2013 years ago, I reckon I would have been pretty unimpressed with Jesus.  I mean, given all the mess that the world is in, the corruption, the abuse, the immorality, the politics, surely God could have done a bit better than this?

A baby, born in the sleepy backwater of Nazareth, the son of a carpenter, who grew up to become a carpenter?!  Was this the best plan God could come up with?  Surely he’d have been better off sending a crack troop of elite soldiers to kick out the Romans, stamp out corruption, destroy some pagans and whip these immoral politicians into shape? Perhaps even some smiting would have been in order!

But no – a carpenter’s son it was to be!

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Success, Significance and Small Things


There are times, I’m sure, for many of us, when we wonder whether what we are spending our life on is worthwhile. And often these thoughts come about when we think about what other people are doing – and make comparisons.

Undercurrents in contemporary society do little to help with this – we’re always confronted with bigger, better, faster, newer, in the hope that we become dissatisfied with what we already have, and part with our cash in order to have the next best thing.

And look, I generally enjoy things which are bigger, better, faster and newer. Who doesn’t? But is this necessarily a healthy way to live? And does it lead us to become more dissatisfied with ourselves, and our lives? There is a pretty high risk that it can…

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